Would you like to speak another language fluently and confidently in any situation?

Express yourself easily and elegantly in your foreign language in just 6 months thanks to my program Bilingual You

You might be someone who:

Is tired of attending classes and trying method after method without achieving proficiency in the language you want to learn.

When thinking about speaking in public or to a native speaker of that language your legs start shaking and you go blank.

Knows that your personal and professional life would improve exponentially if you could master another language, but you don`t know exactly what steps to follow.

Hi, my name is Miguel Marquez

I understand completely how you feel because for a very long time I never thought that I would be able to speak another language and I felt frustrated.

I spent many years closely paying attention in class, Reading and constantly listening to my foreign language. Despite doing this, when I had to communicate with a foreigner asking for information, I got tongue-tied and the person couldn`t make out what I was saying. I felt horrible and I was under the impression that I was wasting my time. However, in spite of everything, the acquisition of another language intrigued me.

I studied Translation and Interpretation in Spain and France. Later I moved to the US to gain my Master`s and my Ph.D. in French Linguistics and Second Language Studies. Then I worked as a Spanish lecturer in Brazil.

Now, after 20 years of studying, teaching and doing research about how a language can be learned in a faster, more enjoyable, long-lasting and efficient manner, I created my own language program.

And since time is a valuable and irreplaceable resource, I found the way to speak a language fluently and confidently in only 6 months, following a series of logical steps and very easy to understand.

Once I followed this system and I managed to speak French, English and Portuguese fluently a wide arrange of professional opportunities that I never thought were possible opened before me.

From that moment on I have been able to:

Travel and live in different countries.

Have access to several scholarships, internships and better paid jobs.

Study at universities and places that were overcame by far my budget.
Meet and interact with people from many countries, cultures and belief systems.
Experience a high level of personal and professional satisfaction.
For the previously mentioned reasons, my mission now is to help you achieve also the life you have always dreamed of in a few months, thanks to your languages. And allow you to take your personal and professional life to a higher level.

After following my Bilingual You program you will:

Know yourself better to maximize your foreign language learning process.
Connect with the language and culture you are studying.
Feel much more comfortable speaking your foreign language.
Make steady progress towards your linguistic goals.
Enjoy the process of developing a new ability.
Live a powerful experience in another country to improve your life.



You will commit to follow the program by reading and then signing the Bilingual You MANIFESTO.


For a period of 4 months you will study your foreign language intensively in your country of origin.


You will dive into the language and culture you are learning for a period of 6 to 8 weeks.


To keep your recently acquired language, you will devote a minimum amount of daily time to refresh you second language knowledge.

What is included?

A detailed description about the 4 foolproof steps to become bilingual in 6 months.
Professional tips, advice and guidelines that will surely lead you to bilingualism.
Mentoring sessions in which I will personally guide you through the 4 steps to become bilingual..
Checking in and following up on your progress towards your linguistic goals.
Trouble-shooting adapted to your own learning style..
Accommodation of the learning process according to your preferences and needs.

Customized answers via email, Whatsapp or Telegram during the 6-month program.

What is NOT included?

Intensive language lessons in your country of origin.
Immersion language course in the target language country.
Plane tickets or any kind of transportation or accommodation costs.

Who is this program for?

This is for you if

You are truly determined to learn a new language and want to do it in an entertaining, long-lasting, fast and efficient manner.
You are willing to learn both in your home country and abroad.
You love challenges and exploring different corners of the world.
You want to be fluent in a short period of time.

What steps should I follow to work with you and become bilingual?

Fill out the screening form

Complete the form below so that I look into your specific situation and know how I can help you best.

Filtering committed language learners

Once your form is completed I will get to work and choose the best candidates for the program.

Qualification call

Then I will talk to you personally and inform you if you are suitable to start working together as soon as possible

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that….

I only work with 3 people per month and have already a waiting list. Therefore, if you truly want your foreign language to rock for good I recommend filling out the form as soon as possible so that you don´t miss next month.


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Can I become bilingual in 6 months in any language?

It would be great to be able to do that. However some languages are harder to learn than others. This is why this program deals mainly with English as a second language and romance languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. If you have any questions, please contact me at contacto@happilinguals.com

I believe I am too old/young to become bilingual. What do you think?

All over the world people are becoming bilingual at this very moment regardless of their age. Age does not determine your ability to reach bilingualism.

Can I start this program if I have no knowledge of the language I´m trying to learn?

Yes, you can. It will be certainly more challenging than starting with some knowledge. But you will become bilingual as well.

How much money will it take altogether to go through the 4 steps?

That is up to you. I will guide you through the entire process. Although, in the end, you will be choosing which intense language course and immersion course suit your needs, budget and preferences. Some courses can be more or less expensive than others depending on whether you are willing to work as you are taking such courses or you would rather focus on just studying and enjoying your Bilingual You program.

If you have any questions please contact me at contacto@happilinguals.com

I don´t have 6-8 weeks to go abroad, can I still become bilingual?

Here I can say that it is not certain. I highly recommend going abroad for at least 4 weeks in a row. There are logical and scientific reasons for this. Just contact me and we will discuss it together.

I am still not sure if your Bilingual You program is for me

Don´t worry. I understand that so much information can be overwhelming. That´s why I will be happy to offer you a free 30- minute session during which you can ask me any questions you might have. Please contact me at contacto@happilinguals.com

If you still don´t know if Bilingual You is for you, please fill out this form and we´ll schedule a free 30-minute orientation session.

My mission is to accompany you in one of the most revealing and eye-opening processes that a person can experience: the art of becoming bilingual for life.

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