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Do you want to become bilingual in 6 months?

Many learners try different methods to acquire a second language. They spend months and even years looking for ways to speak fluently a new language. Unfortunately, a few months or years down the road they are still monolingual, unmotivated and disappointed.

Have you tried to learn a language unsuccessfully in the past?

Do you really want to become fluent and stay that way?

Would you like to increase your chances of growing personally and professionally?

Do you wish to take your life to a higher level?

Do not worry,
I´m here to help you reach bilingualism.

My experience as a language learner, teacher, second language researcher and language coach will be at your service so that you too become inevitably bilingual once and for all.

After observing and studying for more than 20 years why most people fail and only a few succeed in becoming bilingual, I have developed a system that focuses on the elements that certainly take you to language acquisition. And now I offer it to you.

Bilingual You is a program in which I will lead you through the 4 steps to reach bilingual status. You will receive my professional advice about how to maximize this 6-month program that I summarize here:

  1. Commitment: you will fully engage in the process by signing the Bilingual You MANIFESTO
  2. Intensive language course: for a period of four months you will take a language course in your target language in your home country.
  3. Immersion: for a period of 6-8 weeks you will immerse yourself in the target language and culture.
  4. Maintenance: to keep your recently acquired language you will devote a minimum amount of time per day to constantly refresh your second language.

Bilingual You will allow you to

Get to know yourself better

Get to know yourself better

to maximize your language learning



with the language and culture you´re learning.



more and more comfortable with the language

Make progress

Make progress

advancing steadily towards your linguistic goal.



the process of getting the hang of a new ability



wonderful life-changing experiences in the country where the language is spoken


  • Bilingual You Standard
    • 5 mentoring sessions
    • + 1 free session (total of 6 mentoring sessions)
    • We will meet every month during the 6-month program
  • Bilingual you Advanced
    • 10 mentoring sessions
    • + 2 free sessions (total of 12 mentoring sessions)
    • We will meet every other week during the 6-month program
  • Bilingual You Pro
    • 15 mentoring sessions
    • + 3 free sessions (total of 18 mentoring sessions)
    • We will meet 3 times each month during the 6-month program

What is included

  • A detailed description about the 4 foolproof steps to become bilingual in 6 months.
  • Professional tips, advice and guidelines that will surely lead you to bilingualism.
  • Mentoring sessions in which I will guide you through the 4 steps to become bilingual.
  • Checking in and following up your progress towards your linguistic goals.
  • Questions and answers about your personal language learning process.

What is not included

  • Intensive Language lessons in your country of origin.
  • Immersion language courses in the target language country.
  • Plane tickets or any kind of transportation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bilingual You Program

Can I become bilingual in 6 months in any language?

It would be great to be able to do that. However some languages are harder to learn than others. This is why this program deals mainly with English as a second language and romance languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Can I start this program if I have no knowledge of the language I´m trying to learn?

Yes, you can. It will be certainly more challenging than starting with some knowledge. But you will become bilingual as well.

I believe I am too old/young to become bilingual. What do you think?

All over the world people are becoming bilingual at this very moment regardless of their age. Age does not determine your ability to reach bilingualism.

How much money will it take altogether to go through the 4 steps?

That is up to you. I will guide you through the entire process. Although, in the end, you will be choosing which intensive language course and immersion course suit your needs, budget and preferences. Some courses can be more or less expensive than others depending on whether you are willing to work as you are taking such courses or you would rather focus on just studying and enjoying your Bilingual You program.

I don´t have 6-8 weeks to go abroad, can I still become bilingual?

Here I can say that it is not certain. I highly recommend going abroad for at least 4 weeks in a row. There are logical and scientific reasons for this. Just contact me and we will discuss it together.

If you think that Bilingual You is for you, contact me here to schedule a free 20-minute orientation session.

I will be really glad to assist you in one of the most revealing and eye-opening processes that a person can experience: the art of becoming bilingual for life.

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