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There are two things that I really like learning about: languages and personal finances. Since I believe that they are intertwined I want to share with you today an example of how much it would really cost you to become bilingual in terms of money.

If you have read about my Bilingual You program, you must know by now that there are 4 steps to become bilingual.

1.      Commitment

2.      Intensive language course in home country

3.      Immersion language course abroad

4.      Maintenance

Step 1: Commitment

Good news, the first commitment step is FREE! Well, free monetarily, because the truth is that there is a price to pay: lots of intensive and focused work for the following 6 months. However, don´t be misguided. It is the first step for a reason. For further info and before you fully engage read the Bilingual You Manifesto.

Step 2: Intensive Course in Home Country

For the second step let´s assume that you are living in Chicago and start attending the Instituto Cervantes in the city. There are different levels and prices but, just to round up numbers, let´s say that you´ll spend 500$ per month. Since step two lasts 4 months, this means that you would spend a total of 2000$ for this step.

Now we are on Step 3: Immersion Program abroad.

The amount you´ll spend at this stage depends on, among others, factors such as your personal budget, how much you want to spend or the place in which you would like to study.

Since there are many different options available worldwide, I will develop here in detail how much it would cost to take part in an 8-week immersion program in Tulum (Mexico), assuming you´re not earning any income during that time.

Plane tickets were searched in (I get no commission, but it compares several websites and I find it very useful. In fact, this is the site that I have used for the past several years).

Around 300$ round trip Chicago-Cancun for January- March 2020 as I was writing these lines.

Let´s add a maximum of an extra 200$ for round-trip transportation from Cancún to Tulum. I know right? This shuttle costs almost as much as your international plane ticket to switch countries!! I found this price here.

Actual classes would be around 1200$. You get a 10% discount for 8 weeks or more and relax because Yoga, cooking or dance lessons are included! 😉 Yoo-hoo!! Again, I get no commission here. I just love the Caribbean Sea lifestyle and cuisine and some of you might as well learn Spanish while enjoying the proximity of a wonderful beach.

Accommodations: I recommend the host family option for a more impactful, effective and long-lasting experience. The cost is 240$ per week with half board. So, multiply that 8 times and you get 1920.

The total for step 3 equals 300 + 200 + 1200 + 1920= 3620

Step 4 Language Maintenance

This is also FREE if you want to use costless gatherings in your area with other learners or native speakers, podcasts on the internet or thousands of sites and videos that you´ll find online.

Final cost: Step 1 (0$) + Step 2 (2000$) + Step 3 (3620$) + Step 4 (0$) = 5620. And if we add some miscellaneous and unexpected expenses while you´re in Mexico.



Total value of the experience: PRICELESS.

If you think about it carefully, it is roughly 1,000$ per month, around 250$ per week or less than 33,3$ per day. And you only have to do it for 6 months. Let´s just become bilingual and MOVE ON!!

I hope that this article helps you clarify how much you really need and what it actually takes to become bilingual. Now I wish you a great study session! 😉

P.S.: Please keep in mind that this is just one of the many possibilities to become fluent in Spanish in 6 months. The most important thing is that IT WORKS!! It has worked well for me with other foreign languages and for the hundreds of people I´ve met for the past 20 years!!

As usual I add a video here. This time dealing with the benefits of being bilingual. Enjoy it! Although I warn you, this is just the tip of the iceberg!!

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