My name is Miguel Marquez

I always dreamed of traveling to different countries and being able to communicate fluently in my target language. Later on I realized that learning a foreign language is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out how an experience abroad can impact your life, please subscribe to this blog and let´s start our journey together.

I have been learning languages and living abroad for over 20 years and teaching foreign languages for more than 10 years. My goal is to motivate people to be happy with their languages and to accompany them as they go through their own linguistic and personal growth journey.


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Soul Biography

HERE you will find a my 3-minute-reading less-formal biography.

Some Quick Facts About Me

  • I started going abroad when I was 16.
  • I have lived in Spain, France, the US, Germany, Portugal and Brazil.
  • My passion is to combine travelling and personal development.
  • Initially having no money I managed to live abroad for more than 20 years.
  • Motivating people to travel and grow is one of my favorite activities.
  • I studied my Ph.D. at Indiana University.

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